Webcomics: Free Stories and Freedom

In 2012, I was introduced to the webcomics scene. Webcomics are distinct from plain comics read online or digitally. It’s an independent publishing culture that has carved out space for unique and diverse stories. They have grown exponentially in the last 20 years, measurable in the hosting changes from individual domains, to community comics sites, … More Webcomics: Free Stories and Freedom

What I Write About

I’m becoming increasingly adept at evading the question, “So, what do you write about?” My response is never without theatrics; I sigh, stare into stars if setting permits, run a hand through my hair as a performance of the whimsy and carefreeness I want to project. But I never really know how to answer the … More What I Write About

Six Things That Didn’t Fix My Writer’s Block And One That Did

Hi Calliopeople! I’m Hanna, your publicity manager for the 2018-2019 year, and I foolishly signed up to write a post about writer’s block thinking my agonizing uselessness streak would be over by the time this deadline rolled around. Without further ado, here are six things that didn’t fix my writer’s block and one that did. … More Six Things That Didn’t Fix My Writer’s Block And One That Did