Join Our Staff!

It’s that time of year again! I am proud to announce that we are currently accepting applications to join the Calliope Art & Literary Magazine staff for the 2017-2018 academic year. … More Join Our Staff!


On Slang’s Role in a Generation’s Identity Crisis

I’ve somehow acquired the devastating habit of saying the word “hashtag” in normal conversations. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. You start off minding our own business, using some words you learned from the Cool Kidz…but then it happens. You start calling your bed “bae”. You use the word “literally” when you mean figuratively. You … More On Slang’s Role in a Generation’s Identity Crisis

Submissions for Spring 2017

Welcome to 2017! I’m Mary Howard, and as Calliope’s Editor-in-Chief this semester I’m looking forward to helping the Calliope legacy move forward alongside the editorial committee, the art editors, and of course you, the artists and writers who contribute their work and make Calliope Art and Literary Magazine possible. Now that it’s the new year I’m excited to announce Calliope will now be accepting … More Submissions for Spring 2017