I’m a Writer So I Should Probably Just Get a Tattoo Already

At least, that’s the stereotype, right?

Well, some stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, and the reason that the idea that literary people tend to have tattoos is a stereotype is probably because it’s true.

It’s true for me at least. Except I don’t have one. Why? Because I have serious ink commitment issues.

Things in life come and go, but tattoos are forever. That’s the part that freaks me out. So I just have an endless stash of temporary tattoos. Yeah, like those ones everyone was obsessed with in middle-school that you stick on with water. Cool, right?

Ok, temporary tattoos might not be that cool, but tattoos are definitely cool. You’re basically telling the world hey, this is what I’m about: a quote that inspires your life, a name, a picture that defines you. And yeah I’ll admit, I’m also just obsessed with how edgy they can look, the ultimate way to accessorize.

Writers, I would say, like to accessorize with words. My problem – I like too many words, too much.

A quote from your favorite book or poem: | 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos:

Right now I have two tattoos, one on each wrist. One’s a dream-catcher, and the other says still I rise. They’re both temporary of course. This weekend I went on retreat to the mountains with several different schools, which means meeting a bunch of people I’ve never met. And several people asked me, hey, what are your tattoos?

"If not now, then when?" I am NOT a tattoo person, but this is awesome... #rethinkingTHEink:

First of all, way to go my temporary tattoos and pen drawing skills. But I got into a conversation about why people get tattoos, and I came to a conclusion. The reason I haven’t gotten one yet is probably because I shouldn’t get one yet. If I can’t decide, it means there’s nothing I feel attached enough to at this point in my life to get it permanently inked onto my body.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost:

Perhaps one day, though, something will come along. Once I somehow remove the vision I have in my mind of a video I watched of what happens microscopically during a tattoo (seriously, don’t watch this. Because I said not to, though, you’re probably more likely to watch it), maybe then I’ll get a tattoo. Or maybe thirty, because even though I’d finally commit to getting something, I’m sure I’d want more.


This is a quote from one of Emily Dickinson’s many letters. I am really interested in self discovery. I don’t know if one can ev...:



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