Thesises, or, Formally, Theses

There are only two more weeks of classes until Thanksgiving break, but I’m already kind of falling off the deep end re: homework, attendance, sleeping habits, diet, a stable mentality, etc.

Hence the reason why I didn’t make a post two weeks ago. This is now the first post I’ve made in a month. (I’m sure you were awaiting my return with bated breath.) Lots of things have happened. I just bought Christmas decorations today and now my apartment is all holly jolly and festive. I saw Spectre on Friday. I had pizza for dinner. And, most importantly, I finished the first draft of my English thesis!

But, that was not as big a relief as I thought it would be, because a. I was pretty sure it was awful, even though I felt like it had its moments, b. I’d gotten 5 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours, and c. even though I was done, with this massive, crazy, time consuming, third-hardest-thing-i’ve-ever-done-in-my-life, the amount of other work that I had to do immediately hit me in the face.

Double majoring seemed like a good idea. I knew screenwriting wouldn’t exactly pay the bills, plus I learned very quickly that tiny, quiet me would not survive for very long in the film industry. So I formed a backup plan, and that was to double major in English. While filling out the form for the registrar’s office, I remember thinking that it would give me more security when the time came to find a job after college.

…Ha. And now, here I am, still saddled with 45 pages of a feature length script – of which I have written 15. At least the giant, monstrous, seemingly impossible 20 page paper about a Marxist analysis of The Catcher in the Rye in comparison to “Howl” is done, but those 30 screenplay pages aren’t exactly going to be a stroll through the park.

I think after this semester is over it would be very nice to find a remote cave, probably somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, and live there for an entire year and eat nothing but cake and watch movies and play video games all the time.

Ahh. One can dream.


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