Dear Calliope: pt 2


This will be my final blog post here, and ultimately the last thing I ever do for Calliope 😦  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work on Chapman’s lit mag and so sad to have to leave it – and my freshman/sophomore/junior friends – behind.

But I think it’s time. I’ve been with the board longer than anyone else, to the point where I feel like a proud grandmother whenever anyone talks about the spring of 2014 issue. We used to be able to meet from 7-9pm instead of 10-midnight. We were so small we could fit in a library study room. And we didn’t even have a blog.

Calliope is the reason why I know I made the right choice with Chapman. It was my first publication. It dragged me out of the depths of depression and introduced me to my passion in life – editing. I made all of my friends through it. And the only reason why I met my boyfriend was because he interviewed for the editorial board.

So, I owe a lot to our tiny publication. I hope it continues to constantly grow and change. We’re moving in such different directions than we did two years ago, and our new editors are going to take us even farther.

Goodbye, Calliope. Thank you for everything. x



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