My Life as a (wannabe) YA protagonist

My life is a paranormal YA* novel. No, seriously. Just hear me out.

I don’t think there’s a person in my friend group as unassuming as me (she says with self-deprecating humor). My life is boring. Do I wish it would be more exciting and adventure-filled from time to time? Definitely. Do I sometimes wish my life was like a book? Of course. Like an self-respecting heroine, I want my life exciting. In reality, it’s full of school, school and some reading for fun. Sometimes I do stuff on weekends. Either way, I’m a good candidate for a YA protagonist, don’t you think?

But where’s the paranormal come in? you ask. Don’t worry. I’m getting there.

You see, like the young heroine I am, I have a family history with the paranormal. The entirety of my mother’s side of the family can see ghosts. That’s their primary skill anyway. Quite a few more can quite accurately predict the future and most are good with reading people, which makes it easy for them to read a room and act accordingly. Sounds downright magical, doesn’t it? A family of empathetic people, wandering around doing their thing and acting as a bridge to the Other Side.

Now whether or not any of this is possible, or let alone true, is not something I came here to argue over. Skeptic or otherwise, you’ll believe what you believe and I’m happy to leave it at that. Besides, even paranormal YA novels need a little grounding in reality. There are people who refuse to believe and those who are so overzealous in their beliefs, they obsess over this stuff. Either way, you’re as much a player in my paranormal novel of a life as I am. Fun stuff, right?

Ah, and here we see another trait common in YA protagonists. The sass, the sarcasm, whatever you want to call it. I have it. Because nothing’s more engaging than someone who’s as dead inside as you, someone who can be witty even while trying to survive the newest plot twist. Trust me.

Yet despite my obvious qualifications for the job of YA protagonist, I’ve yet to have anything happen. Oh sure, I have a slew of stories about my family’s experiences with the dead. I’ve heard all their premonitions. All their visions. I even have several people lined up to be my mentor whilst I go on the hero’s journey. But have I gotten the plot I deserve? No.

Perhaps my powers are latent. My story will be the one where I suddenly gain them and must learn how to cope. Perhaps they were suppressed somehow and now I must regain my memory and then my powers. Perhaps I’m the normal Chosen One™, who must learn to navigate the paranormal world with my very normal abilities. Or worse, maybe I took the right turn and didn’t go down the wrong path that would lead me to trouble. Maybe I’ve been avoiding my destiny without realizing it.

There could be so many reasons why my story hasn’t started. So many and yet, when I think about sometimes, late at night, all I can think of is perhaps…

Perhaps this means my story isn’t over just yet.

*YA = young adult

**Everything in this post is entirely true. However, it is also an incredibly satirical, or self-deprecating, take on the fact that my life is boring and my family is strange, so don’t take it too seriously.


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